Monday, October 21, 2013

Once upon a time...

hey guys, what's up?
There are a lot of tv series to watch recently. I'm currently watching the once upon a time series, and I quite like it! :D
And also, walking dead :D :D  ,revenge :3 , and supernatural, meh can't catch up supernatural, got bored in the middle , sorry fangirls lol. And I just started to watch doctor who, and im going to watch breaking bad as well, since a lot of people said it's nice.
Well, beside watching, I still have freelancing stuff that I need to finish :o
So, here is my litlle skecth for Once upon a time in disney style or should I say Glen Keane?
They are Snow white and David Nolan
I like how the story connecting with the fairy tails, and they have their own alter ego in each universe. But it would be awesome if the fairy tail world is just the kid's delusion lol.

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