Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zelda fan art! :D

Hi guys, here is my Zelda fan art, the princess!
Some of you guys may probably say that this piece looks like pixarish or Disney style. And your answer is correct, I have a lot of influenced by Glen Keane's style. Not only Glen Keane, but I do have many artists that influenced me. So, here is my latest painting! :)
I hope you like it, especially Zelda fans!
 and also, I have a little favor. Help me to get more views in cghub and deviantart! Make this picture famous!
here is the link to cghub:
and here is the link to devianart:

I do hope that this can help this picture to get more attention! And if you have cghub or deviantart, please make sure you favourite it, so this picture will get famous! Thank you :)
Have a nice day

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