Monday, July 14, 2014

Ambient Occlusion Tutorial Video

Hey guys, I made a new tutorial about Ambient Occlusion.

You can download the video here:
Ambient Occlusion Tutorial

It's affordable and very cheap with great quality! ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Video Tutorial

Hi guys, I have been recorded my digital painting process! So, I made this digital painting tutorial for you guys. Go check it out!

You can ask me anything in the comment section :)
I hope you enjoy my tutorial and learn something!
Also, check out my other tutorial about Ambient Occlusion painting here:

Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial

All the superheroes and supervillains


 Can you name all the superheroes or villains?? :D

Da Vinci's Demons Characters

Characters Line up

The Maestro, leonardo

The Mistress of Lorenzo Medici and lover of Leonardo, Lucrezia Donati

Girolamo Riario 

Zoroaster and Nico

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Da Vinci's Demons

I like the series of Da Vinci's demons. So here is my favorite character from the show. His name is Girolamo Riario. He's a nephew of the Pope Sixtus IV. What I really like about him is actually the specs. What a gorgeous sun glasses and so hipster. LOL

btw, not sure why, but it seems like my drawing has a brown filter on top of it. What happened to my blog

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fraud case in animation industry, need your supports!

Hey guys, I just wanted to help my fellow artist, his name is Francesco Giroldini. Well, most of you guys must have known him already. He is the writer and co-director of the short film "The Monk & The Monkey". He is currently working in Blue Sky studios. You can watch the short film here, to refresh your memory of how cool the film was.

The Monk & The Monkey from Brendan Carroll on Vimeo.

So, basically, Francesco has been a victim of a fraud. He was scammed by the Adam and Anthony Murphy's ImaginEars Animation Studio.

The simple story would be like this:
The twins asked Francesco for a mentor for free via email. Francesco gave them and with some designs.
They offered a computer and renderman license to sell to Francesco for his free mentor.
Francesco agree to pay some money, but turned out the machine was not as expected as in the agreement and the license for renderman is not under his name and claimed back to the twins after.
The twins stole Francesco's designs and storyboard for their $250,000 short film kickstarter campaign.

You can go check the full story in here: (It has many interesting pictures and stuff, go check it)
Fraud Story here

Now the Twins are threatening to sue Francesco for a $ 10,000,000 in damages. Because their kickstarter campaign was failed.
The twins need to get a blacklist in the industry.

Now, we need to support Francesco Giroldini. Please share the story of the fraud and blacklist that twins. I don't want other artist get a scam by them again.
I hope that Francesco will solve this case :)
Thanks for reading this ;)

Francesco Giroldini is a great artist. I still remember when I was in university, and I watched The Monk and The Monkey for first time with my friends. It was awesome. Then, I searched for his other video, and found his renderman lighting tutorials.Which was really helpful. I think he is really kind to share his knowledge, which made me respect him.

Here are the short links

Francesco Giroldini's blog

The full Story of Imaginears scam

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Dam Keeper fan art

I guess everyone knows about The Dam Keeper right?
It's a short animation film directed by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi.
They are basically top class awesome artists.

So, I really love the style they are using, it's something like a skecthy painting with lots of stroke kind a thing. If you wanted to know more about them, just go to the facebook link below
The Dayyuuum Keeper
Yup, awesome right? I love everything about it <3

The short film will be released around this year, so wait for it. Since I love the concepts and the style of the film, I decided to make a fan art! Yes, they deserve a fan art :D
Hope you enjoy my fan art as much as you enjoy The Dam Keeper! ;)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sketch Dailies!

Yes, I've been doing a sketch dailies for several time in twitter.
It's something like a fun sketches, you can find the details here:

Here are the compilation of my sketches for sketch_dailies
The first image on top is Carmen Sandiego
Below are Asian Rapunzel, Bonnie & Clyde, and Hercules

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Raid 2

Heyaa guys, just watched The Raid 2 last night, it was awesome!!
So much tense, and blood , and gory scenes :D
Here is the little fan art for my favorite character from the film, the hammer Girl <3
For those who haven't watched it yet, you guys should check the trailer and you will get the tense to watch the film

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rabbit Archer

Speed fun sketchie! ;)

Power is knowledge

yes, this is a game of throne fan art
I really can't wait for the new season to come. I wanna see who is going to die next! Huahaha
Okay, so this is Petyr Baelish, he's cool and cunning. His awesome words are 'Knowledge is power'.
Seems so cool huh, so I used that words to created this piece of fan art. But then, the words are broken by this scene:

lol, so okay, he's cool
I hope you guys love this piece! ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Princess and her knight

My drawing on medieval theme characters, did this last month 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Howl's Moving Castle + breakdown

Hi guys, I'm back with the painting of Howl's Moving Castle!
Howl's moving Castle is my favorite film from Ghibli, and it's full of fantasy.
Ok, so I actually inspired by the talented artist Tyson Murphy. He did a paint over to a classical Disney film "The Sword in the Stone".
Here is the image of before and after
His work is totally awesome, so I got inspired! :D

So, I decided to do the same. I picked a Ghibli film which is Howl's Moving Castle. I picked a scene with a simple background. And I picked this scene, the scene where Howl is inviting Sophie to his secret garden's house.

So, from here, I'll explain the breakdown of the painting. I still explore more on the Ambient Occlusion technique, I was using that technique to do this painting. 

1. Shadow
Well, since the sketch and line are already available, so I continue on the shadow directly. I painted the grass without AO technique, because it's faster for me.
The lighting and shadow is already settled from the beginning, so just follow it from the scene. I put light grey and shade the shadow with dark grey but no full black. I put extra details on some parts though.

2. Ambient Occlusion
In AO layer, I use a new light grey layer, and I will start painting the AO. I started with dark grey and line the part that need to have the dark shadow. 

3. Combining AO and shadow
This is the fun part, you can finally see your sculpt looking painting. Put the AO layer on top of the shadow layer. Change the AO layer mode to multiply. And your painting is now look solid. 
Well, you can always go back to correct your AO and shadow layer. It is also easier to define your AO in your multiply mode, so draw it in AO layer that already in multiply mode. 

4. Adding some colors
Put some color in different layer on top of AO layer and set your color layer to multiply. Now, it looks like flat again. You might need to use some color gradiation. Also you can put a different color in different layer with a screen or overlay layer mode. 

5. Final Tweaking
Here is the crucial part that you have to spend time the most. So the AO technique just now is only for the base painting. Your true painting begins here in tweaking part. I added more light to create such a mood. I added a romantic feel to the scene with a warm pink color. 
The most fun part to paint for me was the cloud. I love painting clouds lol. I decided to change the original white color cloud to a pink cloud, to make it romantic and dreamy feel. Also, I added the flower petals that flying all over them. Oh, I repainted the hair, so it doesn't looks stiff. 

In conclusion, This technique is really good to help you making a base painting that has a solid look. 
But still, It took time more for me. I still have to find a way to make it faster for me.
So, that's it for the process I guess. Hope this breakdown can help! :)
Cheers :D 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Paint Ambient Occlusion for Digital Painting

Newest Update:

I made a new video tutorial about How to Paint Ambient Occlusion for Digital Painting.
You can download it here: Ambient Occlusion Tutorial

It's affordable and very cheap! ;)

Hey guys! :D
I'm back with my very first Ambient occlusion painting tutorial! :D
This tutorial was inspired by an awesome fan art of Frozen by Jiyu Kaze
can be found here:
you guys can follow his facebook page here:
and Sam Nielson's tutorial
can be found here:
follow his blog here:

Why Ambient Occlusion or AO painting? Because from what I know, AO is usually a term that is commonly used in 3D software. I use maya myself, and I like AO layer because it will add your 3D object a realistic and solid lighting. So that's why! Solid painting :D
This tutorial is more like explanation on how I do it :)
so, I hope you guys know about basic things like sketching, lighting and shadow, photoshop, shading, AO, etc
So, let's start! :D

1. I always start with sketch! :D

I sketch it in photoshop. I made like a really rough and fast sketch, since I designed her before in my sketchbook. Nothing fancy, just a sketch. A clean and neat line is even better, it's easier for painting the next layer. 

2. Lighting and Shadow
So, I started with blocking the character with light grey color, and in that light grey, I painted the shadow. Try avoiding really black color for this, since you will add that blackness in next layer. So, Imagine that you are painting a clay statue. Analyze the light direction and give the right shadow is important too. 

3. Ambient Occlusion or AO painting

Okay, here is the tricky part. Don't let yourself too carried away in this process, as you may paint the entire shadow again LOL. Just paint the darkest line that the shadow will create! I started with light grey, well almost white color. And I just painted the shadow with darkest black in 30 opacity brush. 
Make your painting looks almost like a 3d sculpt in this process.

4. Combining AO and Shadow layer

So, when you satisfied with your shadow and AO layers, you may proceed to the next level which is awesome. Put your AO layer above the shadow layer in your layer window. And change AO layer from normal mode to multiply mode. Voila, your painting will looks like a 3D render! Amazing right? But this was my first time doing AO painting, so I've made some mistakes, so I usually would go back to both layers to fix that, so it will looks more solid. 

5. Coloring

Actually this process could be done before you start the shadowing. But It's completely fine if you do it after. So, you just decide which colors are suitable for your character. Create another layer for color, and change the mode from normal to multiply. Your color will go down and darker, so it's easier for me to separate each of the color layers, so I can adjust them until the result that I wanted. After you've done with choosing colors, you will shock on how flat the painting would be after you multiply all the color layers. Yes, it's so flat and sucks. LOL, that's why we need to proceed to next step.

6. Tweaking and Subsurface Scattering layer

As you see, the painting would looks flat, so you should add more color temperature on each of your colors. Go back to your color layer and added some textures on the skin or color gradiation on the cloth, etc. My tips is, don't underestimate the power of bounce light. Add a different but believable colors for your painting. For me, I added oranges in neck area bounce, so It will create a subsurface scattering effect on her skin. Try to play with layer mode too, screen and overlay are the best for me in this process. My layer for tweaking is looks like this with no colors on. 

7. Final Image


Here is the final Image. I added light diffusion layer and hair layer to make it looks interesting. Do it for the final, this final tweaking usually takes time too. Actually you should spend more time on the detailing in the area that you wanted the viewer to see. 

8. Conclusion
This method is fun and really technical. You do it step by step instead of just paint. But the result is quite interesting for those who wanted to achieve a solid painting. This is my first time doing the AO painting, so it still took time than my usual painting technique. But I still wanted to develop it. Good luck and Have fun :D

You can ask me anything about this tutorial, I'll gladly answer it :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long time no post!

Hi everyone, I'm back! :D
It's been a long time since I didn't post something. So, there's a lot of painting during that empty time, and let me begin by this Queen Elsa painting! :D

I've been doing commission and freelance job, also for my portfolio!
By the way, I'm now applying for job, please wish me luck to get my dream job! :D
Have a good day everyone :)