Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Independence day for Indonesia!

Today is the Indonesia's Independence day! I hope Indonesia can be more develop. I would say that Indonesia is in the worst situation right now, but I believe of few people in government that will change Indonesia towards success. Not only the government that need to change, but the people too. The people need to change, a lot of laziness and stupidity across the country that needed to change.
So yeah, wish that Indonesia will change to become the best and it should starts from today.

This is my concept of the Batik girl...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Girl on Fire

This is it, my final result of my latest model that I made previously. How is it? Does she looks uncanny valley? I hope not. I put my effort to made this lol. actually I was slacking off during the process. It suppose to finished the end of last month, but I delay for 1 week. hahaha. I did some sketching for my freelancing work as well, so it's a bit multitasking that time. 
So anyway, here is the helm render and bare face of the girl.