Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Power is knowledge

yes, this is a game of throne fan art
I really can't wait for the new season to come. I wanna see who is going to die next! Huahaha
Okay, so this is Petyr Baelish, he's cool and cunning. His awesome words are 'Knowledge is power'.
Seems so cool huh, so I used that words to created this piece of fan art. But then, the words are broken by this scene:

lol, so okay, he's cool
I hope you guys love this piece! ;)


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  2. Hey David! Quick question:
    ive been trying to start creating concept art and i learned how to paint character models via your tutorials with ambient occlusion. How would i approach painting a complex background?

    1. You can apply the same procedure to the background too you know :D