Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Video Tutorial

Hi guys, I have been recorded my digital painting process! So, I made this digital painting tutorial for you guys. Go check it out!

You can ask me anything in the comment section :)
I hope you enjoy my tutorial and learn something!
Also, check out my other tutorial about Ambient Occlusion painting here:

Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial


  1. Hey David! I recently stumbled across you blogspot page and i have to say i really enjoy your artwork. Were you originally inspired by disney?? Lol. Anyways thanks for all the helpful tips you posted cause i can finally expand my skill sets. Btw, im a tad jealous of how good you are (The good jealous) cause through that, it will help me improve as an artist with the help of some one i now respect--thats you!

    1. Hey Raja, thanks a lot!! Sorry for the late reply, I rarely update my blog :D
      Yes I'm inspired by many Disney's artists.

  2. Heyy david...!! Its was really nice to watch your videos i enjoyed alot. !!And also learned a lot with u ..!!can u plz upload that psds.?

  3. My name is danish u can call me dany