Friday, April 25, 2014

Fraud case in animation industry, need your supports!

Hey guys, I just wanted to help my fellow artist, his name is Francesco Giroldini. Well, most of you guys must have known him already. He is the writer and co-director of the short film "The Monk & The Monkey". He is currently working in Blue Sky studios. You can watch the short film here, to refresh your memory of how cool the film was.

The Monk & The Monkey from Brendan Carroll on Vimeo.

So, basically, Francesco has been a victim of a fraud. He was scammed by the Adam and Anthony Murphy's ImaginEars Animation Studio.

The simple story would be like this:
The twins asked Francesco for a mentor for free via email. Francesco gave them and with some designs.
They offered a computer and renderman license to sell to Francesco for his free mentor.
Francesco agree to pay some money, but turned out the machine was not as expected as in the agreement and the license for renderman is not under his name and claimed back to the twins after.
The twins stole Francesco's designs and storyboard for their $250,000 short film kickstarter campaign.

You can go check the full story in here: (It has many interesting pictures and stuff, go check it)
Fraud Story here

Now the Twins are threatening to sue Francesco for a $ 10,000,000 in damages. Because their kickstarter campaign was failed.
The twins need to get a blacklist in the industry.

Now, we need to support Francesco Giroldini. Please share the story of the fraud and blacklist that twins. I don't want other artist get a scam by them again.
I hope that Francesco will solve this case :)
Thanks for reading this ;)

Francesco Giroldini is a great artist. I still remember when I was in university, and I watched The Monk and The Monkey for first time with my friends. It was awesome. Then, I searched for his other video, and found his renderman lighting tutorials.Which was really helpful. I think he is really kind to share his knowledge, which made me respect him.

Here are the short links

Francesco Giroldini's blog

The full Story of Imaginears scam

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