Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Lady from the Past

Oh finally I can finished this one. I would like to done at least 1 vintage potrait like this since university year :D
This piece is inspired by Sir Frederic Leighton's painting. I always love vintage painting such as rococo or baroque works. So, I will practice more on that.
This is the painting of a girl who was from ages ago I believe, and with a dragon on her shoulder. I got this inspiration from Daenerys Targaryen from game of thrones. I love her character, and I like the films!!! I can't wait to watch the season 3. Please fasterrr. I wanted to read the novel though, coz I think the film will be finished in more than 3 years lol. So, I cant wait, I need to buy the novel!
And beside game of thrones, I watched revenge, it's a good drama, and I like Emily Thorne character and her fake smile. so sweet hahahaha

Oh last, today is the filming of the movie that I worked on "Bola Kampung the movie". And I attended the gala premier of that film last 2 weeks. It was fun, but till now I havent watch the whole movie yet, oh the irony. And today is the first filming of The Croods movie too in Malaysia. So, who will win? Bola kampung, the first 3d stereo movie by Malaysia or The Croods, the newest film of Dream Works with the theme song sung by Yuna, a Malaysian singer. I think The Croods will stole more viewer than bola kampung. Seriously, why choose strong enemy oh bola kampung???

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