Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bola Kampung the movie review...and The Croods

   So I watched bola kampung the movie today!!! Yeah finally, after only looking it through my working's pc, now I watched it on cinema. What a relief and I feel proud. This is my first movie that I worked on, and it was ok. lol
So, I'm gonna review it and believe me, I didn't really know the story when I worked on. That was not proper actually, I should have known everything when I was working on that movie, you know to get the feel and stuff. So anyway, I hope this review is not biased since I just watched it!

   Story, actually the story was ok for me. For me, any story can be interesting if the story telling is correct. So, the story is a normal story about a group of kids who wanted to save the princess from a video game that has been hacked by a stupid hacker (though he claimed as a genius). Yeah, for me, the story telling is not that intrigue. it's consider as bad directing i guess. All I feel from entire film was funny, I laugh a lot actually. But I don't know I'm laughing because of it's really funny or because It's too bad? I think both way can do. I feel like the story is funny enough and yet I know some error and mistake, so I laughed. lol. And the film didn't touch my feeling. the entire phase of the movie was really fast, it's like rushing to the ending. It always like running scene or chasing scene. I still remember, the director once said, he has only 1 emotional scene in the entire movie, and yet I can't feel any emotional at that scene. It just too fast, didn't touch my feeling at all. so I considered that scene as a fail. The ending suppose to be a farewell, andddd I still didn't get the feeling. I think the story would be better if they resolve everything without magic or miracles. I like a movie that has a good resolving and of course with some logic not magic. What I meant for logic(or you can say "acceptable", not really a logic with science logic) is for example, Pixar's UP, even though it's fantasy film, they didn't really have miracle to win, but they have miracle that lead them to win. In this bola kampung case, I feel like they have a miracle and suddenly win from that miracle, it's like cheating u know.
   For characters, well the design of the characters can't be changed, since they were from 2d animated series, so they stuck at that level of design. If I was part of pre-pro, I will suggest the team to change the character design a bit, since now it looks very similar to the 2d version. At least they can re-design the cloth and stuff. For me, the main character is not appealing, from design wise and personality wise. I feel like Sabok(which is the side kick) has a better personality and role in the film. They showed a lot of characters in the movie, but they just get cut and gone. only the main characters are stay until the movie finished. It was not a good conclusion to just erase the characters like that. They dismissed in such a bad way.
   For Visual, well it's not good. Not to offend everyone who in charge of the art directing or anything. But, I feel like the art directing is a off. The lighting was sometimes off. The film can be much better actually. And also, I noticed that the composition didn't guide our eyes.Especially in the climax scene, where the were inside the stadium. Everything in the scene felt like 1 value of color, I barely see the negative and positive space. And the lens flare were too distracting the eyes.
  For design wise, I feel like the environment was not designed properly. Example, the temple, doesn't really have unique design. It's just like a Mayan pyramid with the ugly pillars on each sides. And the town, it's so like a block of building without anything special on everything. The castle of kingdom hill was so so, what makes it good? why they called as kingdom hill? because the castle was on the hill? I hope that was not the answer. but seriously, the castle design was so so, if they were really from the game, why don't they design something like low poly but i don't know, something different that you can't have in real world maybe. And what shock me was the KLCC scene. It's funny lol.
 Well, in conclusion, it's a fun movie, so I recommend you guys to watch the bola kampung the movie before watching The Croods.

For those who don't know bola kampung, you can watch the trailer here:

I watched The Croods!!! It's niceeeeeee, The introduction was really nice, I like how they show each character's personality in the beginning. And the world was amazing, it's brand new stuff that I've never seen before. I like the tiger cat creatures, so adorable and nice designs. My favorite scene was the fireworks! I'm still amazed by how they did the fireworks. And the stars scene was nice too, but the transition looks abit off to me, it's like we can see that the transformation is not smooth or something. But it was fast, so yeah, can be forgotten. I still love the idea of "tommorow would be a better day".


  1. Freakin awesome review.The first real and not biased review.All the other reviews I've read is totally biased and feel like "oh I have to give only positive review because it it malaysian's work".Critique is one of the things that make us to be more great next time. One day after I make a movie I want you to review it.

    1. hey man, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed my review lol
      Yeah, we learn from the positive critics! Thank you, let me know when you've done your film! lol :D