Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bola Kampung trailer 2 and fanart

A fanart of bola kampung! Bola kampung is an animated film that I'm working on in my company in Malaysia. It will be released soon in March 2013 and in 3d stereo too.
This girl is princess Amanda of Kingdom Hill. She is the only good looking character in the film that I found, lol.
I'm working in the lighting department for this film. And it's already toward end of production.. yeeeyyy
I can't wait to do my final scene of my lighting file hahaha. It was a good experience to work in a movie even thought  a lot of problems happened. There are a lot of limitation that I experienced, so we can't really make good lightings. It was so sad when I can't make something beautiful. and yeah disappointed of that limitation. I believe we can make something more than that, so I hope next project would be nice! :D

And this is the trailer of Bola Kampung!
I did the lighting in most of the scenes in this trailer, so what do you think?

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