Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hilvfeor's expression sheet

This is the expression sheet of Hilvfeor from my 3d shorts animation film "Stargazer"
It was so much fun creating the expression, and it was hell tweaking the blendshape in maya  LOL
I tried to make rich expression for him, so I made a lot of blendshapes!

This is what it looks like in viewport. And that's the controller for his facial expression. It's not that much controllers, but it's more than enough for my short animation! It can create any expressions. I should have put more exageration  and flexibelity of the skin to make him more alive. And so, here is the render result!

and a little bonus for fun, a Derp Face!

Anyway about the lighting, to test the skin shader for Hilvfeor, I tested it using reference light from "Tangled"

Tangled (right) is copyrighted by Disney, Pixar

So, here is the testing result. I'm happy with the result! :D
I know, it's a bit different (or much? lol u decide). I guess it's because they use renderman for rendering. Renderman has a really good result and soft compared to mental ray. And it's not really sync to mental ray shader, haha duuh of course =.= 

Good day! :D

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