Monday, February 18, 2013

Garuda Riders!!!

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Hey guys, Happy Chinese New Year, gong xi fa chai!!! :D
Wish u all the good luck in this new year!
I like Chinese new year because it's holiday! haha, and I got a long holiday from my work.
I came back to my hometown to visit my family and get ang paw which has money inside :) :) :)
It was fun to meet my relatives that I can't meet often, so we talked a lot.
 And in this holiday, of course I can't resist to buy a lot of books! My first thought was One piece manga, It's been a long time since I didn't read One piece. Then, in the book store, I found that Garuda Riders novel which look interesting to me. It's an Indonesian novel about "per-Wayangan". Actually I knew this book from deviantart and facebook pages about it. So, I gave it a try. It turned to an interesting concepts. And now, I wanna review the novel!

So, in the story section, I found it quite boring in the introduction. the beginning was so so for me, and honestly the beginning part made me want to stop my reading. But, lucky I didn't stop. :)
I said boring, because first, the name of everything are a bit hard to digest. It uses a Sanskrit (?) name and stuff. A bit hard to remember but I can get used to it. Second, the story flow is too boring and monotone, it feels like a generic manga which I can guess the story line. I found a lot of strangeness in the story, like there are no good reason for some of the part. Example, their quest is not strong enough, why on earth they wanted to collect the 8 elements without knowing or learning about it in the first place. I know the book explain it, but it's not strong enough to have a tough quest. They also got their elements so easy. Even though the book said it's hard, but I can't feel the toughness of their journey.
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Then, I found this picture in the internet, They are the covers for all the trilogy they said. And from that cover, I can read the story already. So let me guess it here. The first book, of course I read it already, so I know the story. It's about a quest to find the elements. The second book would be about the main character become evil because of that elements, and would be defeated in the end of the book. The third book would be the story of how he rebirth after the evil and the journey becoming the true hero/god. Well, this just my guess lol. Well actually, any story would become interesting whether it's simple story or complicated story as long as the story telling is nice. 

For the characters, I found that all the characters are not described in detail. Then, I saw the character concept in their facebook page, so I can get it. But all my imaginations of the main character became limited to the original character design. The characteristic of the main character also too generic for me. Well I know he would become evil in the second book, but it doesn't make the character unique enough. A good twist is fine. 
For the environment, it went the same as character. i need more details on everything. It's really enjoyable to read if the book describe more on detail. I'll not be bored if the detailed is nice. Especially this book has a unique world which are different with Hogwarts or middle earth. So it was a pity if they less the detail because of the  limitation of book paging. 

For the concept, I like the concept of Kundala Vedi system. And I like the astra and mantra! It's really fun to imagine. I like the races as well, especially Wannara race, you can have mix any animals to become 1 being lol. 

So in conclusion, It's fun to read this book, and I recommend this book for those who like "Wayang" stories. But if we compare the book with internationally famous lord of the rings or harry potter, this book is so far below them. So this can be a good thing for the writer of the book to learn from them. I know I'm not a good writer as well. So this is just a review from the view of the reader who like fantasy stuffs. I hope this review doesn't offend anyone. Overall, the book is nice to read, so it deserved a fan art from me!

This is the fan art that I drew. This is the scene where Gagagni the garuda hatched. For those who already read the novel might be confused and ask "who is that guy on the left?" The answer is the farmer on garuda farm. Yeah I'm not sure about what he looks like because the book doesn't really describe him (or I just forgot lol) So yeah, I'm waiting for the second book of the trilogy!