Saturday, August 11, 2012

STARGAZER, a 3D short animation

Hey guys, so this is my first post in my blog! :D
I wanted to show u guys my 3d short animation. 
I worked this all by my own, from pre production, production, and post production. :D
So, it took 6 months from the pre production to post production! 
It was a great time, and it was tiring as well. 

So, here is the Stargazer!

So, how was it? 
I was required to experimenting on everything that I learned in campus. So, any critics and comments are appreciated :)

ps: I will upload more of the concepts behind the Stargazer :D


  1. hey, it's an awesome art, kerenn video pertamanya ini... ^^
    ide ceritanya lucu tapi krg menyentuh,
    tp hebatt.. :D